BirdbrAIn, Inc. is transforming the pest control industry with innovative, AI-enabled technology.

BirdbrAIn, Inc is the first company to bring a fully autonomous pest control system to market, leveraging innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to mitigate risk to human safety and destruction of property and investments.

Birds and other pest animals cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars each year due to:

  • Food contamination
  • Crop destruction
  • Machinery and equipment destruction
  • Recreation nuisance
  • Endangerment to human lives

Market is full of ineffective solutions, which are:

  • Primitive ( Unsightly, stationary nature leads to desensitization)
  • Audio / Visual (Obnoxious, repetitive nature leads to desensitization)
  • Chemical (Potentially harmful to humans, agriculture and landscaping)
  • Invasive (Inhumane, not continuously active, expensive, potential negative impact on vicinity)

Tired of the birds winning?

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in the past 5 years, and our system is no exception.  We've put our birdbrains to work and come up with some fantastic solutions that will save you time, money, and most importantly protect your investment.

In contrast to other ineffective solutions, AI-enabled
accurately identifies birds, and gets into their danger zones – triggering a fight or flight instinct. Flight is always the outcome.

But, fight is no problem. With self defense mechanisms, RaptAIr is designed to win any battle of will – without harm to the aggressor.

RaptAIr's patent-pending technology is proven to accurately identify undesired animals in predetermined geographic locations, and prevent congregation.

Relax, don't stress with remote monitoring.

From the comfort of your office or favorite coffee shop you will be alerted by your
system. You can choose to launch mitigation methods remotely or allow the system to activate autonomously. You can see what it sees when in action or you can simply have it provide a snapshot of the pests before it removes them from the area.

How RaptAIr works

Setup perimeter or
Setup characteristics of target pest programmed into proprietary algorithm
RaptAIr’s motion sensor is triggered
RaptAIr’s AI accurately identifies pest
(e.g. goose, not human)
RaptAIr launches, triggers pest “flight” instinct
RaptAIr returns to base to recharge, resume monitoring
Continuous Cycle
RaptAIr effectively clears perimeter of pest

In-demand products and services

Aerial Robot

RaptAIr Air System

Completely trained and customized to meet your specific pest extraction needs. (e.g. geese, pigeons, coyotes, and more)

A drone powered by our artificial intelligence engine is capable of patrolling your custom designed geo-fenced area and keeping pest birds out. It gets its intelligence from our BirdbrAIn system, which can ensure only the animals you designate are encouraged to leave the area.

RaptAIr Ground System

Targeting various pests where drone technology is not effective or safe (e.g. airports or areas where multiple obstacles make flight ineffective).

If you have lots of trees and obstructions, drones may not be your first choice. 
system is simply a ground based unit that performs the same functions as the airborne unit.

Define the area that you want to keep the birds out of and press the go button.  RaptAIr will do the rest.

Ground Robot

Custom Solutions

At BirdbrAIn, Inc. we are dedicated to AI and machine learning solutions for commercial and industrial applications. 

Whether you want Artificial Intelligence or just a bigger hammer we will help you do the R&D to be successful.

The BirdbrAIn is available to be embedded in your bird detection application. At the heart of our work is a custom database of birds that is unparalleled in the industry. We have systems deployed that daily take in thousands of images. Our machine learning algorithms classify each image we get and add them to our catalog to make our system smarter.

The Team

Brian Carnell

Founder and Chief Nerd.

25+ years in Information Tech w/deep Infrastructure Design and System Development Experience.

  • Cisco
  • Oracle
  • Dell
  • Wang
  • Government IT

Extensive Sales and BusDev experience in Big IT. HW/SW/LIC

Founder and Chief Development Officer.

Former Navy SEAL embedded in the pest control industry.

  • Member, McCloud Leadership Council
  • 20 Years of Small Business Management
  • Habitual Entrepreneur
  • President, Navy SEALs Fund

Brad Bailey

Doug Moulton

Founder and Chief Flight Officer.

Former Navy SEAL with extensive experience in robotics and unmanned system development.

  • Owner Charlotte Aerial Solutions
  • Co-Founder Veteran Drone Alliance
  • FAA Part 107 License
  • Drone Consultant
  • 10 years of unmanned systems hardware integration

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